Compaison of sings of Imam Mahdi (AS) with Mirza Qadiani

Mirza Qadiani claimed himself to be Imam Mehdi plus Promised Masih plus the Prophet (3 in 1). As we have seen the signs of true Mahdi (alaih-e-rizwan) in the light of Hadith in the previous section, so here we will compare the characteristics of Imam Mahdi (as explained in Ahadith) with the life and personality of Mirza Qadiani so that one can easily identify the fallacious claim of Mahdi made by Mirza Qadiani.

Hazrat Imam Mahdi(alaih-e-rizwan) in the light of Hadith Mirza Qadiani
Be from among the family of Prophet ( salullahu alaih wassalam) , among the descendants of Fatima ( razil Allah hu anha ) Mirza was Mughal family with his father name Ghulam Murtaza and mother Charagh Bibi.
Have same name as Hazrat Muhammad ( salullahu alaih wassalam) Mirza’s name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani
Escape from Madina to Makkah where people will pledge allegiance to him Mirza never ever visited Makkah or Madinah in his entire life.
Fight in battles Mirza never faught. Infact declared Jihad ‘Haram’
Rule over the Arabs for seven years according to Sunnah Mirza never had a chance to rule. Infact he was much happy to ruled by Britishers as he himself stated in several books.
Spread justice and equity on Earth. Simply No. Infact Mirza was himself a liar and cheater and made many frauds.
Eradicate tyranny and oppression No such thing found in the life of Mirza.
Lead a prayer in Jamia Masjid Damascus which Jesus (peace be upon him) will follow Mirza never ever visited Damascus
According to Hadith Imam Mahdi is not the same individual as promised Masish (peace by upon him) According to Mirza Qadiani, he is Mahdi plus Promised Masih
There is not a single sign of true Mahdi that matches with the personality and life of Mirza Qadiani. Hence Mirza’s claim of “Mahdi” is totally false.