Islamic view point concerning Hazrat Isa (AS)

The Islamic view point concerning Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam is that he was the son of virgin Mary (Maryam Alaih-i-Salam and he was the last Prophet of Bani Israel. The Jews were hostile towards him and at last when at an occasion they planned to murder him, God sent His angels and lifted him to heavens while he was alive. God granted him a long life. When near Doomsday ‘Dajjal’, (antichrist) who will cause mischievous in the world, appears, Christ will reappear. One of the signs of Doomsday is that Christ will reappear and kill ‘Dajjal’. He will appear as a great justice and in that Ummah he will be Holy Prophet’s Caliph. He himself will follow Quran and Hadith and will make other people follow the Islamic Shariat (law). At that period all religions except Islam will disappear. There will be no atheist in the world. So, the commandment of Jihad will not be valid, no revenue or tax will be called from the non-Muslims because every one will be a Muslim. There will be abundance of things and money. No one will accept things or money from others. After his appearance, Christ will marry also and will have children. Then Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam or Christ will die and Muslims, after saying his funeral Prayer, will burry him in Holy Prophet’s SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam tomb. All these things have been described in detail in ‘Ahadith’, whose number is more than one hundred.

The important elements of Islamic Faith:

Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam is God’s man and His Messenger. He is the ‘Maseh’ about whom the previous books tell. He has appeared once as a true Prophet.
He remained safe from the Jews, (Jews could not harm him).
He was lifted alive to heavens.
He is still alive there.
Before the day of Judgment, the very Christ (Isa Alaih-i-Salam) will appear and kill the ‘Dajjal’. No other person will come in the world in his place.